Board meeting set

The board meeting is set for February 10, 9 a.m. at the Mount Vernon Calico Cupboard in their conference room. 121-B Freeway Drive, Mount Vernon. Directions:

I-5 going South, you can take the College Way exit, make a right at the base of the exit, then left at the light onto Freeway Drive (Dairy Queen is on the corner). It will be on your right as you get closer to downtown Mt. Vernon. Or you take take the Kincaid exit, taking a right at the end of the exit. Take a right at the next light by the courthouse, then a right onto Freeway Drive when you get to the light by the Co-Op. It will be on your left immediately after the Antique Mall you can see from that corner–kind of hidden if you come in that way. The reservation is under my name if you get there before me.

Everyone is welcome to attend, although we might put you to work (VBG)


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